Summary of Rotary Centennial community service funding and club participation
The Community Service Committee has about one third of the club’s members. Centennial Rotarians are involved, and in many cases, have provided funds for the following activities recent years:
Brawn Family Foundation Rotary Mental Health Park - March 2022
In early 2020, Rotary Centennial, Rotary East and Rotary North began working with the Parks Foundation
Calgary and the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation to develop a park adjacent to the new Alberta
Health Services new children and adolescent mental health day hospital on 17 A Street NW in Calgary.
The concept was to develop the park as a District 5360 project as the catchment area for the hospital is
southern Alberta the same as for District 5360. The hospital is currently under construction with
completion scheduled for late 2022.
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The Mustard Seed – the club funds the purchase of ingredients for one or two meals per annum for clients and assists in the preparation of and serving of the meals
School bicycle repair clinics – the club underwrites the cost of acquiring spare parts  and supplies the labour to fix bicycles and skateboards at a number of schools in the early spring of each year
Rotary Challenger Park - the club was one of the original sponsors of this facility and provides financial annual support
Seniors outings - the club funds the transportation and entrance fees for seniors to attend Beddington Theatre productions
Banting and Best school and Crossing Park school - the club assists in funding transportation costs for students to visit Ralph Klein Park and the Mayor’s Environmental Expo
Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank – club members regularly volunteer to assist in the sorting and preparation of food packages for clients
The Salvation Army – the club donates to, and members participate in manning the kettles during the festive season.
Connaught School – club members are currently assisting in a reading program for kindergarten and grade 1 and 2 children two days per week and then assisting in serving soup at the lunch hour and funding for hampers and equipment for the school
In addition, the club has provided funding to the following organisations over the past two years
Closer to Home Community Services – a Calgary based organisation that empowers families to stay together with respect for diversity, individualized approaches, effective service and outcomes. Funds provided for summer program for children who are latch key children
YouQuest - a Calgary based wellness community service where people with young onset dementia enjoy an active and rewarding quality of life (this project was funded by the club Vocational Committee)
YWCA of Calgary - funding in support of welcome packages for clients
Alpha House – contributed to the purchase of a vehicle to assist Alpha House clients to attend classes