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RCCC  Eyeopener  June 3, 2020
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Front Desk                Mel Foht & John Canniff surprisingly not the first on         
Greeter                      Bob James
Presiding                   Russell Kane welcomed 23 members & 3 guests at 7:40 am  
Visiting Rotarians    
  • Stephanie Rodrigo-RC of Capital City, Sri Lanka
  • Supem De Silva-RC of Capital City, Sri Lanka
  • Leo Chrispin- RC of Capital City, Sri Lanka
  • Joe Berninger- RC of E-Club Cincinnati, Ohio
Attendance: 24 participants. 
Scribe          Russell Kane
Anthem       missing Gary Williamson, and the powerful voices that override the recording
Invocation   Peter intended, but went into hiding
Rotary Business
  • District Conference Saturday June 6th is a virtual conference and has a couple of noted presenters with Dr. Raj Bhardwaj, Dr. Tyler Williamson, Lynora Saxinger and Paul Brandt
  • District Leadership workshop Friday afternoon
  • Bingo News
    • Gord Cormack brought forward a virtual Bingo initiative called V.Bingo
      • Events scheduled for June 8th 1-3, June 10th 6-8, June 13th 1-3
  • International Update-
    • Two past International reports accepted by Rotary International
    • Rotary International is changing the District Directed Funds July 1st due to the success of the program brought forward by COVID initiatives. Rotary International will stop matching funds for Club contributions and will only match District commitments.  With that in mind Anil brought forward the third reading of the following motion.
  • International Committee MOTIONS. Anil Jain initiated First Reading on three Motions:
    1. Be it resolved that the Rotary Club of Calgary Centennial approve a US$4,000 contribution towards a Malawi Water Project. This shall be part of the Global Grant led by the Rotary Club of Calgary South. In addition we will allocate our Type C Grant to the project to enable a DDF contribution of $US5,000.  Our contribution is contingent upon the approval of the Global Grant by The Rotary Foundation. PASSED at our May 20th meeting.
    2. Be it resolved that the Rotary Club of Calgary Centennial approve a US$4,000 contribution towards a BioSand Water Filter Project. This shall be led by our own Mr. Mukh Mangat  This will be part of the Global Grant and will be leveraged to US$36,000 and install 400 Bio-Sand filters to provide  clean drinking water to about 2,500 people. Our contribution is also contingent upon approval of Global Grant by The Rotary Foundation. CANCELLED
    3. Be it resolved that the Rotary Club of Calgary Centennial approve US$4,000  contribution towards a project to immunize teenage girls in the district of Moradabad India against cervical cancer.  This shall be part of the Global Grant led by Dr. PK Gaungley (alternatively by me).   Our contribution is contingent upon approval of Global Grant by The Rotary Foundation.  By way of information, our contribution of US$4,000 will be leveraged to about US$50,000 by involving other clubs.  It will immunize about 1,000 teenage girls. PASSED
Today’s Speaker
Bill Fowlis introduced Joe Berninger from Pathways in Cincinnati to discuss the Guatemala Literacy Project (GLP) that brings together over 600 Rotary Clubs and 80 Districts around the world for this important initiative.
Joe has been a member of Rotary E-Club of Cincinnati for the last 4 years, and has worked in partnership with Rotary on these projects for over 20 years now.
Joe the 20 plus years of partnership between Rotary and GLP. It is the largest interclub and district cooperation in the world, and the focus to provide assistance to underserved students. Guatemala is poorest and least educated region in the western hemisphere. 1/3 of the population cannot read or write.
Joe shared a story of Juan when books were being delivered to grade 2’s in Guatemala. Juan was likely to not go beyond grade 2 due to cost. A Rotary scholarship was provided so Juan could graduate from school. 20 years later he is a manager at a hotel and raising a family and is not a victim of poverty and productively supporting the community.
Joe asked “is it possible for one Rotarian to change the world? Yes, as long as we work with other Rotarians. The collective power of working together, combining our talents, our time, our treasure of resources towards a common goal.
The efforts has resulted in 225,000 students impacted. When this started 2/3 of the population could not read, now 1 in 3 has low literacy levels.
Programs assisting 57,000 kids right now include:
  • 27 self-sustaining textbook programs providing books for students
  • 94 Active Literacy Programs
  • 53 Computer Centres
The three competencies to make a difference while having fun to create a pathway out of poverty are:
  • Reading
  • Technical skills
  • Graduation
Joe provided an invitation to participate in the program, and visit Guatemala to volunteer.
Mayda thanked Joe for his wonderful presentation
A number of questions arose at the end of the meeting.
Rotary News
Laura P. had jaw surgery.  We wish her a speedy recovery
Gary and Margaret are off to BC, for their annual retreat to remember Janice. Send your well wishes.
Sergeant at Arms Mayda, not enough time to go from house to house to collect fines.
Next Week  Myrla Bulman & Cindy McCaffery will present on YouQuest