COVID 19 Volunteer Opportunities
As of April 28, 2020


  1. Food delivery with Redefin'din Bowness- SIGN UP
  2. Food delivery at Sunalta Hub – Coming Again Soon
  3. Delivering flyers or putting up posters at Sunalta. Contact Angie at

Donating Goods

  1. Donate or lend your unused tech items to our Ruckify store
  2. Donate nonperishables to the Calgary Food Bank


  1. K-12 Online Tutors coordinated through the University of Calgary. SIGN UP
  1. Business Mentoring: Many residents have shown interest in receiving guidance in helping get their small business ideas to fruition if there is anyone who can help guide creativity and answer small business questions. Email Kirsten Dodds at

Through the City of Calgary

  1. Get involved in Neighbours helping Neighbours