Posted by MMB on Aug 27, 2017
This keynote speaker will warm your heart and tell you how to give a hug from a bowl.  Rotary Centennial members, please bring guests and hear the wonderful stories of Sharon Hapton, Founder & CEO of Soup Sisters, and another related organization Broth Brothers.
Calgary-based Sharon Hapton is a successful business woman and a mother of 2.  While she runs a family business with her husband and partner of 35 years, she has always cherished her role as the nurturer of the family.  It is the latter role that served as her inspiration for the idea that ultimately become 'Soup Sisters' in 2009.
In 2008-2009, over the course of the year leading up to her 50th birthday, Sharon was ruminating how how to turn her heartfelt belief in the healing power of homemade soup into an action plan to help women in crisis.  These unrelenting thoughts were compounded by her new status as an empty nester when, in her worlds, "I hit the most giant nurture voice of my life."
She transformed that tough period into creating a full-blown operational plan and founded Soup Sisters, a grassroots organization that would engage thousands in the movement to help victims of domestic and family violence.
Now in 25 cities across Canada and launched into the US, the story of Soup Sisters, Broth Brothers and Sharon Hapton herself will inspire you for days to come.
Please find a friend to show the power of Rotary to and bring them to hear Sharon and the power of giving to others to life yourself.
Yours in Rotary friendship